Sandbox Cover Nets

Product Type


Raschel warp knitting




Warp knitting




Polyethylene monofilament




Blue, green, white




It is a polyethylene net that prevents the impurities and rubbish from attacking the sandbox and prevents small animals (dogs, cats …) from entering. Sand quality will remain high for a long time. Children will be protected from glass cuts, injuries from discarded injection needles (possibly hepatitis B and C infection). The sandbox will no longer be the source of various animal-to-human transmissible animal diseases (toxocara canis, cati) and, last but not least, will protect against the possible transmission of toxoplasmosis.


Product Use


Sandbox cover net




The net is easy to handle, so it is possible to cover the sandbox several times a day and to uncover it again. It does not absorb water. It is resistant to weather influences and UV radiation. We have several shades: green, blue, yellow, white (according to supplier’s warehouse). On request, we can tailor your net with gripping eyelets and straps.