Special Shoelaces

Free-Lace Shoelaces

Shoes developed specially for triathlon. Once you put them on there is no need to tie them again.
Free-lace laces with no need to tie are great elastic laces, which firmly hold foot in the right place and do not come untied. The lace does not move after it is tied, it springs while the shoe is being put on and after it the lace returns to its original length. We produce them in different colours and lengths. The material of the laces is 100% polyester.

How to the Draw Free-Lace Shoelaces?

We stretch the lace through a hole in strained (straight) condition. Once the lace has been inserted into the hole, pull the lace as far as possible (until the bubbles are straightened and lost) and then stretch on.

We develop the following series:


“City” model is suitable for both elegant walking shoes and children’s footwear or for shoes for seniors. Bubbles do not spoil the elegant look of laces, they are smaller but still perform the same function as laces of the Sport model. The most commonly used lengths of these laces are 40, 50 and 60 cm.


Model “sport” is suitable for collective and individual sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, athletics, marathon, golf, etc. The most commonly used lengths of these laces are 40, 50, 60 and 75 cm.

4250788 T 0000

4250788 S 1108

4250788 S 2127

4250788 S 3119

4250788 S 5474

4250788 S 7929

4250788 S 8765


Spirals, or spiral laces with no need to tie, are perfect for children’s footwear, their great advantage is that they do not have to be tied repeatedly because of great flexibility.

These great spiral laces are used by:

Spiral laces are produced from polyester under type designation 4250583 in the following lengths:

Number of spirals / length

Spiral laces with no need to tie are standardly produced in several colours and designs with the possibility of customized colour of a lace or its length, see the polyester sampler. For an overview of standard colours and patterns, see the following table:

4250583 S 0003

4250583 S 1108

4250583 S 1376

4250583 S 2124

4250583 S 4829

4250583 S 4904

4250583 S 5474

4250583 S 5498

4250583 S 9001

4250583 D 01

4250583 D 02

4250583 D 03