Bricklayer Cords

Bricklayer Cords


Bricklayer cords are mainly made of polypropylene and polyethylene monofilament. However, at customer’s request, we are able to produce these cords from other materials on the basis of customers requirements for the specific characteristics of cords.

Alternative materials may be:

  • Cotton - for natural degradability in nature. These cords are of natural origin and decompose soon.
  • Dyneema® - for very high strength and abrasion resistance. Dyneema® cords are highly sliding and therefore do not hook on the protrusions on the plaster and its very easy to work with this material.
  • Kevlar - for heat resistance. Kevlar cords are mechanically, chemically and heat-resistant. They can withstand temperatures up to 450 ° C. It works everywhere where there is open fire during the construction process.

Colours, Designs and Forms:

By default, we produce bricklayer cords in these colour combinations

Bricklayer Cords Use

Bricklayer cords are used in masonry works, on structures to define planes of future walls, holes, and so on. It is also possible to use them for different harnesses, eventually as clothesline and so on.


Bricklayer cords are usually delivered on spools of defined lengths (30m, 50m, 100m, 2100m, 6500m). With a bigger purchase, we are able to pinch the bricklayer cord to any length, a spool of any size with your label.

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