Rubber Fibres

Product Type


Tubes with filling








Elastane is used as the core of the rubber fibre, and then it is braided. POP and PES are the most commonly used braids. 
Depending on the desired properties of rubber fibres, highly durable materials can also be used as braids:


  • Kevlar – rubber fibre with kevlar braid is resistant to cuts and is non-flammable


  • 3M (Retrox) – if the rubber fibre is enlightened at night, it produces reflective effect


  • PAD 6.6 – the advantage of this material is that it is self-extinguishing




According to material samplers




Elastic attachment of sails, nets, billboards, car tarps, cover for garden equipment and furniture, to hold loads




On spools, in skeins, in bags, can be packed according to customer’s wish.


Rubber fibre is not only used to hold various sails and billboards, you can also use it as a “lace”. You will appreciate such a shoelace especially for work or trekking shoes. When wearing shoes, the rubber fibre stretches and the foot slips comfortably into the shoe, then the rubber fibre shrinks again and pulls the shoe so that the leg is stable. Great advantage of using rubber fibre as a lace is speed and comfort while putting the shoe on, and last but not least, you will appreciate the fact that this lace will never come untied.